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pandora_scans's Journal

Doujin Archive
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First and foremost, welcome everyone! Thanks for visiting my humble little doujin scanning comm. I hope you enjoy your visit and find something you like!

So, what are you going to find here? A little of this and a little of that. Go forth and browse the small selection. With the changing anime seasons come new obsessions and right now, while I still love T&B most of all, I'm also enjoying my weekly dose of gay basketball. And the doujins are nice enough to drag me out of hiatus.

Now, on to the guidelines which will be fun and informative. Honest. Would I lie to you?

* This is an open community, so everyone and anyone can join. No hoops, no waiting, just instant access to everything I have to offer (as far as doujinshi are concerned). However...

* Adult content will be locked, so please join if that piques your interest. Not that I really mind how old you guys are, honestly, but for all intents and purposes, please claim to be of age. I'll sleep better at night knowing that I haven't corrupted any unwilling minors ^-^;; Fair warning, and all that~

* Scans, for the most part, will be in Japanese. Any that have been translated will be noted in the download section. The majority are BL, so if you have any issues with the joys of men in relationships with other men...this is not the community for you, I'm afraid. Not that I have anything against good het doujinshi, but there are already plenty of m/f scans and scanners out there, so my efforts would be unnecessary.

* Spread wherever you like, use my links (preferred), whatever. I'm not the type who forbids sharing, unlike some other scan groups out there. Don't claim anything as your own and we will get along fine.

* Translation efforts are welcomed and loved, just shoot me a PM, or comment with your intentions because I hate being the last to know. HQ scans are also available if needed~

* Finally, if you like what you see, please purchase the original doujin for yourself whenever possible! Scans are wonderful things, but nothing beats a hard copy.

Ah, I think that covers most of it. Be forewarned that this place is forever a work in progress and some things may change in the future, so please bear with me &hearts